Mentoring Health Professionals of the next generation.

Sale Medical Centre mentors students in our practice in association with Monash University School of Rural Health, Federation University and the John Flynn Placement Program.

You may be asked if you are happy to see a student before your consultation.  If you would be interested in helping our students learn please ask our staff to book you in.

Monash University School of Rural Health

Bell and Isaac below are 4th year medical students from Monash University.  Our 4th year students will be with us from February to October 2018.  We also have 2nd and 3rd year students from Monash however they are here for one day only.


Federation University

We host 3rd year nursing students from Federation University for two weeks at a time closer to the end of the year.

John Flynn Placement Program

We have a John Flynn student placed with us for two weeks per year for three years.

All students work under the supervision of a General Practitioner or Registered Nurse.  Medical students are bound by the same ethical standards regarding confidentiality as your Doctor.